Ederra Homes offers Residential Design & Construction of Affordable Luxury Homes in Austin Texas. Eddy Jauregui brings his experience in Residential Design after serving as Vice President in charge of the Custom Home Division for Alberto Jauregui Designs Inc.  and  co-owning construction companies in the Residential field. Now with over 15 years  in Residential Design & Home Construction and an understanding of the Austin area, Eddy opens Ederra Homes Design/Build, bringing with him a reputation & name you can trust. The Ederra Homes portfolio currently consists of designs created by Alberto Jauregui Designs Inc. while Eddy Jauregui  served as Vice President of the Custom Home Division. The homes were built by companies co-owned by Eddy Jauregui. Exteriors banner| photo by Eddy Jauregui Exterior The Meaning of the Name: Ederra is a word that means “beautiful” in Basque. I choose it for 2 reasons; The first, it is a tribute to my heritage. My last name Jauregui has its origins in the Basque Country, a region at the north of Spain. Secondly, it is perfect for what we do: We Design and Build Affordable Luxury Homes in the Austin & surrounding areas. Our clients will tell you that our Homes are beautiful. Through the name Ederra we hope you will agree, We build “Beautiful Homes”. Eddy Jauregui Owner | Builder

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We Design and Build Affordable Luxury Homes in the Austin Texas & surrounding Areas. Our clients will tell you that Ederra Homes“ delivers a delightful building experience: exquisite design, flawless quality, on budget, on-time and fun!” We are committed to making your investment risk-free, worry-free and exciting. Every Custom Home is Designed from scratch, every site is unique and every client is unique. We visit the site and give you our input and listen to your vision, we do a lot of listening and ask a lot of questions. Then, we take that information and put together a Custom Home Design that won’t be complete until the client is completely satisfied. We then go into creating a detailed set Construction Drawings, which allows us to have a smooth process during the Construction Phase of your Home. We are a One-stop Shop, we are there with you from Conception to Completion.

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What makes Ederra Homes different is our ability to capitalize on the advantages of a Design-Build company over traditional home builders. We bring not only talent in design but years of experience in the construction field. The result is an a one of a kind Affordable Home built with an emphasis on quality.
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We understand that reading architectural drawings can be a challenge, that's why at Ederra Homes Design/Build we give importance to develop our skills in the latest 3-dimensional software to help us communicate our designs ideas with our clients. Three Dimensional Drawings facilitate consensus between Client and Builder and expedites decision making. It also allows us to refine our designs and detect potential design problems before drawings go out on the field. We see 3d modeling as a great benefit we can offer our clients. Green Banner


We believe that as Home Builders we have a responsibility to our community, our planet and to our future generations to build efficient homes and be conscious about the impact on our environment. We start the “ Green Building ” process by making the right decisions on orientation of the house to reduce heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter, and at the same time preserve trees on the site. ... see more about green building

We truly believe that building your dream home should be a fun, exciting and pleasurable experience and we are honored when our customers agree.

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